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Rocky Dawuni and Stevie Wonder in L.A.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Stevie Wonder & Rocky Dawuni; photo by Cary Sullivan"][/caption] The weekly AfroFunké Thursdays at Zanzibar, founded by African Afro-Roots ...
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CD Review: Abja, Inna Red I Hour

  Abja: Inna Red I Hour [I Grade Records] When I see the return address on ...
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On the Streets of Bahia, Brazil: Olodum

This afro-Brazilian drum-dominated group is officially known as Grupo Cultural Olodum. As with some other groups ...
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CD Review: NYC Reggae Collective, alieNation

NYC Reggae Collective [Benchwarrant Records, 2004] I hope you can afford the commitment ...
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CD Review: Rhythm & Sound

Rhythm & Sound [Asphodel, 2003] Rhythm & Sound is the shared “nom ...

CD Review: Yoruba Singers

Ahh, now I understand something of why Guyana identifies itself more with the islands just to their north than with ...
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