If you are all about culture and having a good time, kicking back and listening to tracks that won’t have you peeping every second to see if the wrong ears are within reach, then ‘Seasons’ is just the compilation CD for you.

Whether you want to blast it at full volume or relax with your headset, it’s no big deal; it has just the right mix to make your experience a very entertaining one.

The fifth in The Streetz Rhythm Streets series, ‘Seasons’ is a Don Corleon production and if the Drop Leaf riddim compilation was anything to go by, then you know you can expect big things from this one.

‘Seasons’ kicks off with Alaine’s ‘No Ordinary Love’ and trust me, the song a sexy one! Her sweet, rich voice is very easy on the ears too. Alaine is fairly new on the scene, but she sure has a voice that will take her places.

It’s ‘Happy Days’ with Wayne Marshall and this track makes for good listening. Anthony B steps up the pace with ‘Love You Girl’. Any woman listening to this one can’t complain about his tribute to them as he extols the benefits of the ‘empress’.

‘Tears’ by TOK is delivered as only this group can do it. It’s already one of my favourites on the compilation CD. It is reminiscent of their number one hit ‘Footprints’ and one wonders if it will follow the same trail.

Gyptian seems to be in your face when it comes to hard-hitting, conscious songs. You can’t ignore his positive messages and it is the same on the track ‘Is There A Place’. This is a reflective look at life as it is now with the longed for hope shining through that things can be different. You can almost hear the yearning in his voice for things to be different.

Gyptian puts his soul into this one as he croons, “Is there a place where I can find true love for life? Is there a time where I can find true love that is divine…?”

The answers come from Jah Cure with ‘Love Is’ as he says “Love is…call on me brother, love is call on me sister…” it’s a soulful rendition that tugs at your emotions.

Other tracks on the ‘Seasons’ compilation CD are ‘I Believe’ ­ Wayne Marshall; ‘Far From Reality’ ­ Natural Black; ‘Picture Me And You’, ­ Jeffrey Star; Falling’ ­ Mr. Easy; ‘How Come’ ­ Morgan Heritage; Thanks and Praises’ ­ Fantan Mojah; ‘Can’t Move We’ ­ Vybz Cartel and ‘Never Gonna Be The Same’ by Sean Paul.