King Prof

King Prof

With distinct vocals and hard-hitting lyrics that compel listeners to pay attention, King Prof has every intention to ascend to the pinnacle of his career. And his management company Vizion Sounds Records intends to make this a reality.

Clinton Gayle born and grew up in Old Braeton in Portmore, St. Catherine. His stage name, King Prof, was derived from a family friend who thought that young Clinton was exceptionally bright for a 9-year-old.

He began deejaying at 10 years old along with his older brother Sheldon. King Prof’s first major performance was at an event in Portmore and featured top acts such as Lady Saw and Frisco Kid.

Billed as an opening act, his first time on centre stage was truly a frightening experience. As he explains, “There was a woman right up front who kept yelling ‘Ride the riddim or come off!’ I’ll never forget her antics, and the look on her face, as she called for my immediate removal.”

Somehow, this experience gave him an added determination to perfect his craft, and he worked hard at it, determined to become one of the best DJs in the business.

His hard work paid off as King Prof went on to become one of the most sought after young artistes out of Portmore. He received rave reviews after winning the Red Stripe Beer Super Star Competition, and went on to entertain the unpredictable crowd at Sting in 1997 and 2003. His performance at Reggae Sumfest in 2004 was hailed as the most exciting find since Sizzla and Richie Spice by the international press who covered the event.

King Prof continued in that trend, giving strong performances at the Vizion Sounds Records Jamaica and Guyana album release concerts in 2005.

In this era when young lions of the dancehall reign supreme, King Prof’s ability to deliver true to life experiences wrapped in cutting edge riddims makes him a force to be reckoned with.

A gifted social commentator who addresses issues relevant to every Jamaican and Caribbean national, this cultural artiste stands out mainly because of his in-depth understanding of economic, cultural, religious and socio-political issues. This places King Prof light years ahead of the rest.

Now under the guidance and management of Vizion Sounds Records, headed by CEO Walter ‘Wally’ Fraser and road manager Kevin Adonis, King Prof intends to soar to the ultimate heights.

With the 2005 release of his Vizion Sounds debut 15-track album “Running Stream,” the cultural lyricist will indeed make his mark.

Thought-provoking singles from the album include ‘Who’s Gonna Stop Them’ (which is inching its way up Richie B’s Hit List), ‘Love Granny’ (a real gem), ‘Poor Little Johnny’ (a reality check looking at the deadly confrontations by youth on youth), and ‘Warrior From Birth’ (“disenfranchised from birth, the struggle for survival begins with the first breath of life”).

Like fellow label mate First Born, who hails from Guyana, King Prof’s music brings an in-depth understanding of reggae and Rastafari ­ the foundation on which he has relied to direct his path as a singer and songwriter – into sharp focus.

Poised to make an impact on the direction of dancehall and reggae music in general, King Prof is rapidly ascending to the position of reggae’s latest success story.

The Sting 2k5 massive will feel the full effects of his potency when he hits centre stage this December 26. In his third appearance on stage the ‘greatest one night reggae show on earth’, the energetic entertainer intends to leave a lasting impression that should catapult his career to great heights in 2006.