Fifth Element RecordsFIFTH ELEMENT: ‘A purer and superior place than earth; the substance out of which paradise is made. A substance of purity, changelessness and the inability to become weak or decay.’

Fifth Element Records is regarded as one of the best, most professional, committed record labels around…considering that they are new kids on the block. The company’s approach to business and professionalism rivals many of the veteran record labels in the business. Producers, promoters and industry insiders speak highly of them, the artistes they represent have nothing but praises for them, while several artistes desire to be under their management. Amazing, for a company that’s no more than three years old! Fifth Element Records was formed in early 2000. Although their headquarters are based in Kingston, Jamaica, the company is registered as an international entertainment organisation with its main duties as artiste management, booking, record distribution, producing and events promotion. The company is headed by CEO Devon Wheatley, who is supported by a team consisting of road manager David Smith, Marvin Hayden, Eaton Evans, Claude Sayers along with a group of entrepreneurs from Jamaica, USA, UK and the Caribbean.

Each member of the Fifth Element team brings his own track record to the table as a determined professional set on making a mark with the company. They align themselves with a core of credible professionals from across the globe who they believe will greatly assist their quest. “We started this company because of the deep love, commitment and interest we have for the music industry, and we wanted to get involved,” said Wheatley. “Being out there, we saw a number of fresh talents that only needed someone to nurture them. So the group of us decided to form a company to develop these talents, with the objective to take these artistes to the heights of their careers. We came in the business as a fresh set of professionals determined to make a difference.”

The first artiste they signed was DJ Chuck Fenda, then singer Anthony Cruz, Jigsy King, Dawith St. Aubin (The Psalmist) and Jah Penco. A comfortable core of entertainers they intend to expend all their resources promoting. Last year the company released a number of tracks on the Fifth Element label. On the Element rhythm, ‘Aint No Stopping Us Now’ by Chuck Fenda, ‘Put Dem Inna Di Pit’ from Capleton, ‘What If’ from Beenie Man and ‘Standing Ovation’ from Sizzla were on regular rotation on the airwaves. Chuck Fenda’s very hot, chart climbing ‘Ruf Out Deh’ on the Cassandra rhythm was also released on the Fifth Element label, and accompanying the track on that rhythm were ‘Crazy Over You’ from Anthony Cruz and the ‘Cassandra’ remake done by George Nooks. Their newest rhythm is Better Days, featuring the title track ‘Better Days’ from Chuck Fenda, with tracks from Anthony B, Warrior King and other top artistes coming soon. “Fifth Element is only interested in putting out clean, quality household-friendly music, with thought-provocative, meaningful lyrics,” Wheatley stated. He added, “We are in the studios now working on several new releases and rhythms that will be released over the course of the year. But right now, our focus in on Fenda and Cruz’s albums which will both be out in March.” Chuck Fenda and Anthony Cruz’s albums are long overdue, so come March, Fifth Element plans to put a major promotional campaign behind the launch of the albums in Jamaica, North America and Europe. The company has also promoted a number of small successful fetes and dances, with plans to stage a major stage show sometime this year. “It’s gonna be a major reggae/hip-hop event that will rival any of the top events Jamaica as ever seen…but that’s all we’ll say for now,” CEO Wheatley disclosed.


The Fifth Element management has a strong commitment to its artistes, putting 200% behind them and so much energy, commitment, support and provision that they are matched by very few. “The key to Fifth Element is that we operate as a family. We have a good relationship with our artistes, and there is a mutual respect, love, understanding and commitment between us,” Wheatley stated. Speaking with the artistes they represent, the love and respect they have for their management team was obvious. Each artiste was more than committed to the Fifth Element family, expressing strong appreciation for the level of commitment and support the management team has given them. Since being under the management of Fifth Element, DJ Chuck Fenda has matured into one of the best entertainers Jamaica has produced, commanding a level of respect and credibility that will make him a strong force to reckon with. His thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics, coupled with his matured, energetic stagemanship make him one of the most charismatic entertainers around today. Anthony Cruz’s fan base has grown, especially among the ladies, as his smooth voice, sweet personality, cute face and sexy physique attract women like bees to honey. There’s no mistaking the mesmerising effect he has on the ladies. “We are always out there working with our artistes at the studios, the media houses, stage shows, everywhere,” said Road Manager David Smith. “We expect the best of them and we provide the best for them.” The plan for the company is to go deeper in the music industry, particularly record distribution and show promotion. Without a doubt, Fifth Element intends to go global and make their mark, fulfilling their mission statement: ‘A purer and superior place than earth; the substance out of which paradise is made. A substance of purity, changelessness and the inability to become weak or decay.’

With such a strong definition to their cause, is there any question that Fifth Element is here to stay.