Whey yuh a pre mi fah? – If you are in Jamaica long enough then you know that we don’t like anyone staring too long at us. Unless you have a good explanation for focusing your stare on that person then chances are you will be asked, ‘whey you a pre mi fah’ which means, why are you staring at me?

Chill out nuh – One thing can be said about us, we are a laid back set of people. Nothing bothers us that much. And if you allow every little thing to get you upset, or if you are too impatient about something then for sure you will hear this expression which really means, “take it easy, or relax yourself.”

A whey di blue suit do yuh? – This one is not even very popular in the dancehall. Actually it’s an expression most Christians, or people who really don’t want to use indecent language use. It’s their version of cursing. When they are upset about something then they inject this into their speech. Other so-called profanities are ‘brown dog’, ‘boxboard cover’ and ‘bunkey rat!’ It sure beats foul language, doesn’t it? You still waiting on the meaning… does indecent language have any?!

Ants inna yuh milk – for those of you who have heard the song by DJ Cobra and are wondering what the heck he is talking about, then what he is simply saying is that that a man’s woman is cheating on him.

Next time I will have more slang for you. But just in case some slang is perplexing you, then let Jahworks know or email me and we will gladly translate for you. Peace out!