Welcome back to the classroom! Let’s dig right in.

“Yuh free paper bun”–you will hear this expression at the ending of any holiday. It means, “your time is up!” Whenever its time to return to school or get back on the job, we signify this by saying yuh free paper bun. ‘Bun in this case means burn.

“Chi Chi Man”–for lovers of dancehall, you must be familiar with this expression. But if you are a newcomer to the movement then this expression refers to homosexual men.

“Yuh a dis di programme”–Literally translated as ‘You are disrespecting the program.” You will hear this when someone is disappointed by someone he had in high regard. If that person disrespects him in some way or the other this will be flung at them.

In Jamaica, we have so many words for female genitalia, your head will swim. When a man is looking at a woman in a coarse way, he will use one of these words to say, “What happen? You nah let off di tomato, cho cho, ‘punany, pum pum, tun tun, punash, ‘renking meat, vagi, cherry, ackee, fishy, porkey, saltfish?

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t didnt tell you the Jamaican expressions for male counterpart. Most women decently refer to it as joystick, buddy, john, willie, anaconda (if its long!), teelie (if its small), and sausage.

Well thats all for this week. Next week I will explain some Jamaican proverbs for you.