Two designer caskets–multiple viewing–boom box motorcade to Dovecot–body on display at wake night before funeral

The thanksgiving service for the life of dancehall icon and veteran dance choreographer, Gerald “Bogle” Levy, who was gunned down at a gas station on Constant Spring Road, Kingston, Jamaica on the morning of Thursday, January 20, is set to take place on Sunday, February 6, 2005 (at a church yet to be decided at press time). Interment will be at the Dovecot Memorial Park.

With two funeral homes ­ Brite Lite and House of Tranquility ­ undertaking the arrangements, the late dancer will have a historic funeral unlike any

Several persons from overseas have already flown into the island, with many more expected, for what is being described in dancehall circles as “one of the most fashionable bling bling funerals,” which is expected to attract a full complement of artistes, entertainment high rollers, various crews,
upcoming dancers, sound system operators, politicians, businessmen and local and international media, among others.

The veteran dancer who not only touched the world with his catchy dance moves, but his unique dressing, will set yet another trend on his final
departure. Bogle will have two caskets ­ one of his mother’s choosing from House of Tranquility, which will be a metal casket in which he will be
buried, and the other from Bogle’s close friend Tommy Thompson, CEO of Brite Lite Funeral Home, which will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece glass casket.

Speaking from his Brite Lite office, CEO Tommy Thompson told that, “the designer one-of-a-kind glass casket will be engraved with some of the dancer’s famous pictures depicting dance moves. It will be drawn by our glass house chariot, followed by stretch limousines.

“After the funeral service there will be a party atmosphere on the way to Dovecot. A boom box will play all the jiggy music Bogle’s fans are accustomed to. The church and areas of viewing will be fully decorated with flowers and Helium balloons. Vehicles taking part in the procession will also have bumper stickers saying ‘We Love You Bogle’ with his photo at the end.”

After the funeral, the designer glass casket that once housed Bogle’s body will become a masterpiece that will be on display at the Brite Lite funeral

“Someone can just walk in and say they want a casket like Bogle’s own or visitors can just come by to see it,” Thompson said.

Thompson added, “Basically it will be a religious service as Bogle was a God-fearing person. There will be a tight police presence in the area and on
the night of the wake (Saturday, February 5) persons can view Bogle’s body throughout the night at the Black Roses corner. There will also be performances from several guest artistes who will be at the venue paying their last respects.”

Bogle’s body will also be on display on Friday, February 4, at the Tony Spaulding Complex and at the Black Roses Corner ­ Lincoln Crescent on Saturday, February 5.

Up to press time, the church for the funeral service was yet to be finalised. However, Bogle’s mother, Dorothy Smith a.k.a. Miss Mae, and Thompson said that Bogle will be churched at Kencot Seventh Day Adventist.

Thompson also told that he is in negotiations with persons in regards to the burial of Kevin “Matterhorn” Reid, the other man who was shot along with Bogle and succumbed to his injuries days after. “He will definitely be buried,” he said.

Gerald “Bogle” Levy was born on August 22, 1964 and died tragically on January 20, 2005. He leaves behind mother Miss Mae; significant others,
Aretha and Tanya; children Nordia, Gerald (Jr.), Annette, Javon and Gerilicia; brothers Derrick, Donovan, Fitzie and Lennox; sisters Jennifer,
Audrey, Patsy, Paula, Nadine and Simone; several relatives, friends, and associates.

There will be no floral tribute. Instead, offerings will be collected in aid of the St. Elizabeth Basic and Iris Gelly Primary schools.