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Stephens' Infallible CD

Tanya Stephens has released a new full-length album entitled “Infallible” on the Tarantula Records label. She has decided that since most people these days download music for free anyway, why not offer hers for free.

Stephens has a lot to say on this album and addresses important topics such as Every time, a likkle bit of money makes you blind, on “Itty Bit O’ Money.” On the title track, she declares, Fret not thyself that thy morals be malleable, for that is what makes you infallible. She also includes “No Means No,” When I say no, you hear yes… it must be some kind of sickness.

On this 18 track CD, she brings her irreverence forward, like on “No Strings Attached,” she notes, I need a man… on the side. There’s also “Siddung Pon It,” “Luv at First Grind,” and “Bury A Bone.”

To download the CD for free visit: will have more Tanya Stephens coverage coming soon.

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  1. jay says:

    May 30, 2010

    tanyas musics are great i love em

  2. François Le Roch says:

    Jul 24, 2010


  3. robert ojule says:

    Sep 10, 2011

    just luv the woman and her music

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