Dutch Sensation ZiggiBorn March 8, 1981, Dutch native R. Blijden a.k.a Ziggi is one of Dutch based label Rock ’n’ Vibes most versatile dancehall/reggae artiste. He left the Netherlands at an early age. Destination: St. Eustatius in the Caribbean. While living there he was introduced to a wide variety of musical genres such as gospel, rap, hip-hop, reggae and dancehall, which formed the foundation of his music.

After returning to the Netherlands, he started recording at Stone Rich Recording Studio, before eventually ending up at Rock ’n’ Vibes Entertainment. Back on Dutch soil, Ziggi, with the support of Rock n’ Vibes Entertainment, has evolved into one of the most respected dancehall reggae artistes in the Netherlands.

Now Rock ’n’ Vibes Entertainment has teamed up with Dasvibes Production, based in Jamaica and Germany, to take Ziggi to another level by promoting his music in the Jamaican, American and European markets. The first tune in the line-up is ‘High Time’, which is currently being promoted in Europe and Jamaica.

Jamaican audiences have warmly opened their arms to Ziggi, eagerly awaiting his upcoming video. The track is being promoted by Dasvibes Promotion, the same promotion house that promoted the number one hit tune in Jamaica ‘Notorious’ by Turbulence and tunes from Gentleman, Ray Darwin, Daddy Rings and more.