Juici Patties Storefront

Juici Patties is a beloved Jamaican institution

Jamaica often emulates U.S. culture to a certain extent, for better or for worse. Now Juici Patties has  joined the lunch delivery market, a la United States, to cater to those business folks who have a limited time to eat. While this service is only available from the Kingston Hagley Park Road branch, it’s only a matter of time before it catches on around the island.

While only a few years ago it would have seemed laughable not to have time for lunch, times have changed. Jamaicans are embracing convenience for similar reasons to North Americans – time is limited, work is more demanding, with the advent of technology, people have more rather than less to do.

Juici Patties advertises having up to ten different lunch options, including steamed fish, curry goat, jerk chicken, and one can’t forget their trademark patties. Juici Patties Hagley Park Road branch is located at The Domes, 85 Hagley Park Road, in Kingston 10.

To place your delivery order 906-2903 or 906-2913 (local 876 area code). To receive their daily lunch menu, along with their delivery radius, email juicihagleypark (at) gmail (dot) com. Their current menu is here (PDF).