Such an album is long overdue by one of the most overlooked singers in the dance. But at last, Ras Shiloh gets a special push on this 17-track album debut for VP Records. Produced by Donovan Germaine for Penthouse, this session kicks off with “Complain” featuring Garnett Silk, Shiloh’s most obvious influence.

Recording this must have been a ball of fun for everyone in the studio. With a voice like his and with Germaine behind the boards, enters the recipe for magic. Lots of songs get into your skin and “Rolling with Life Blows” raises your pores when Shiloh sheds his warmth. A real Jah rocking tune is “Who Can’t Hear,” a tougher-than-leather groove he sails over, doing justice to his wicked influences from Silk. There are light-hearted melodies also, like on “Child of a Slave,” and “Remember the Times,” where a bit of Shiloh’s sentiments kicks in. He has no problem adjusting his emotions from frowns to blushes, and Germaine’s right alongside evoking the best music for him. Even though there are some mediocre attempts of covers and other tracks you might bypass, strong tracks like “Give I Strength” featuring Buju Banton, “Far Too Long,” and a crucial message in “Men Love your Women” solidifies this CD as one of the year’s most meaningful. Don’t overlook this.