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CD Review: Nazarenes, Meditation

I Grade Records, 2012 The last I heard of Nazarenes was a well-received album on the Heartbeat label back in 2004. I remember being highly impressed with it at the time, although when I listen ...
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CD Review: Brina, Under One Sun

Brina Under One Sun
Tribal Global Records, 2011 On the plus side, Under One Sun features memorable tunes, strong reggae rhythms, and a gorgeous, powerful voice. We also get a full load of passionately sung, deeply felt opinions, observations ...
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CD Review: Various Artists, African Blues

African Blues
Putumayo World Music, 2012 Ah, what a joy this album is. Mali Latino start things off in an unassuming but soulful way with bluesy acoustic guitar, plaintive vocal, jazzy Booker T-style Hammond organ, and relaxed ...
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CD Review: Alific, Dub in the District

Johnny Dizzle Records, 2011 I don’t mind this kind of stuff, not at all. “Written, recorded, produced and arranged in my home recording studio,” according to the liner notes from Brendan Dane, a.k.a. Alific. Yep, ...
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CD Review: The Black Seeds, Dust and Dirt

Easy Star Records, 2012 Don’t ask me any who-, what- or where-type questions about The Black Seeds; all I can readily find out from the Internet is how to order this new release. But they’re ...
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CD Review: Midnite, Kings Bell

Midnite King's Bell
IGrade Records, 2011 Unforgiving no-nonsense one-drop momentum densely textured brittle tattered breathless mannered chant seemingly featureless landscape of complex literate sound occasional snatches of melodic instrumental surprise challenging us at every turn themes from contemporary Kafka by ...
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CD Review: Earl Zero, Marketplace

Foreign Key Records, 2011 Earl Zero has been around the roots reggae scene a long time. That’s perhaps because he has the perfect voice for it: essentially soft and supple, therefore capable of the subtleties ...
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