Culture, Politics

Music’s Role in Jamaica’s Inner City Development

The announcement by Prime Minister P.J. Patterson of the government's major budgetary allocation for inner ...
Culture, Music, Reggae

Knowledge is Key in Serious Music Business

  The management of a music and entertainment business enterprise that seeks to cater to the international market is a far more complex activity than most people would ever imagine. It is even more complex ...
Culture, Politics, Sex and Relationships

The Harsh Reality of Rape

"Rape is the only crime in which the victim is doubly violated, first by the attacker, and then by society. It is the only crime ...
Culture, Dancehall, Music, Reggae

Are Jamaican Artists Pricing Themselves Out of the American Market?

By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston & Clinton Lindsay One of the perks of hitting the big times in the entertainment arena, is the ...
Dancehall, Music, Reggae

Our Music Belongs in the Forefront!

Wonderful things have been happening for reggae/dancehall and now many are sitting up and finally taking notice. But that is nothing ...
Culture, Music, Reggae

Can We Get a Dose of Morality Please?

It seems as if big brother is watching and listening at the same time. News has traveled fast about the recent derogatory acts by performers ...
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