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Juici Patties Hagley Park Road Begins Lunch Delivery

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Mar 27
Juici Patties Storefront
[caption id="attachment_7787" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Juici Patties is a beloved Jamaican institution"][/caption] Jamaica often emulates U.S. culture to a certain extent, for better or for worse. Now Juici Patties hasĀ  joined the lunch delivery market, a ...
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New Track: Bloodshed by Qshan Dia

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="242" caption="Qshan Dia with Luciano in New Haven, CT, Aug. 2, 2003, photo by"][/caption] St. Vincent artiste, Qshan Dia, voiced this new tune "Bloodshed" on the Jah Guide Riddim, produced by ...
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Bugle – What I’m Gonna Do?

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May 26
In light of the recent gang violence in Kingston, Jamaica, I thought I would re-post Bugle's 2007 video and lyrics for "What I'm Gonna Do." The dark and amazing lyrics shed light on what ...
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Yellowman, Sugar Minott, and 80s Revival at Mas Camp 2005

It was a rather historic and nostalgic moment for lovers of the 80s dancehall at the Mas Camp on Sunday, May 22 in Kingston, ...

Daddy U Roy – The Man Behind the Name

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Apr 12
  "This name thing don't matter to me because is not the name, is the man behind the name." ---U Roy He is affectionately called Daddy, because he was one of the originals who birthed the music ...
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In Memoriam: Daddigon

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Feb 11
Reggae star Daddigon was shot in the back and killed on the night of ...
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Who Killed Bogle?

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Jan 25
Police reports are that Gerald Levy, 40, popularly known as the dancer "Bogle" of a Lincoln Crescent address, along with four other persons were traveling in his F150 van on Constant Spring Road, Kingston ...
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