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CD Review: Shango Trex, Shango Trex

[Stashang/E2 Recordings, 2009] I don’t know where this guy is from or how his self-titled CD reached me (apparently a […]

CD Review: Warrior King, Tell Me How Me Sound

[Tads, 2011] If the title of this album is Warrior King’s way of asking for an honest assessment of how […]

CD Review: Three Legged Fox, Always Anyway

[2011] Is this reggae or is it rock? I dunno. It’s certainly not “Rasta music” – the lyrical focus sees […]

CD Review: Hossam Ramzy and Special Guests, Rock the Tabla

[ARC, 2011] There’s good reason this album has been given the red carpet treatment by its label. What else do […]

CD Review: The Green, Ways & Means

[Easy Star, 2011] For some reason musicians of the islands of Hawai’i often do an amazing job with the music […]

CD Review: Tommy McCook, Dubbing With Horns

[Jamaican Recordings, 2011] Sure, you probably know the name Tommy McCook from his days in ska, but you may not […]

Merry Christmas from Blue Mountain Project

12 December 2011 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2011 is drawing to a close and we are busy planning […]