I hope you have been practicing your patois. Should you ever come to Jamaica I-man want to cool out with you and have a real yardie conversation, seen? Back to the lessons.

Old Dawg ­ From Beenie Man’s popular song ‘Old Dawg’ you could probably guess the meaning of this one and you would be right. A man who cheats a lot and takes pleasure in having girls in droves is referred to as ‘old dawg’.

Licky Licky ­ This term is used in reference to people who wants everything that they see. They can’t resist the urge to ask you for something and they never refuse anything.

Wanga Gut ­ Remember that famous song by Tiger? Well if you were wondering what it meant then it’s talking about a greedy person. It’s anyone who can’t control their appetite.

Browning ­ A woman who is of very light complexion is referred to as a ‘browning’.

Mout a massy ­ If someone says this to you then you must really be a talkative person. You will hear this expression in an annoyed tone when someone is tired of your incessant chatter.