Jahworks.org is an online magazine about Caribbean music, culture, and travel. Our authors, both amateur and professional, offer high-quality contributions that are strongly written, well-researched, and are easy and enjoyable to read. We are committed to spotlighting both large and small entities whether they are musicians, artists, concerts, ideas, or non-profit groups. Jahworks.org is a woman-owned business, based in Berkeley, California.

Jahworks.org was founded in October 2000 by journalist and editor Laura Gardner, and graphic designer Robin Kibby, as a side hobby. In 2004, Robin decided to venture onto other projects, and Richard Moore came in and designed Jahworks.org 2.0. Currently Laura is working solo and has taught herself basic web development to produce this version, Jahworks.org 3.0.


We would like to thank all of Jahworks.org authors, staff, and contributors past and present who volunteer because they love various aspects of Caribbean music, culture, travel, and/or service. Special thanks to Robin Kibby, Richard Moore, Robert Lewis, and Petra Rebhorn for their amazing graphic and web skills. Another big thanks to loyal contributors Lee Abel, Stan Smith, Ted Boothroyd, Cecelia Campbell, and Marlon Regis who stuck with us through thick and thin. Indeed a big thanks to all the record labels, artists, musicians, promoters, producers, publicists, venue owners, retail folks, friends, family, and everyone else who provided music to listen to, shared a funny story, an incredible concert ticket, or ideas to improve the magazine – it really takes a village! Lastly, thanks to all the Jahworks fans and readers who, without them, this publication would be an inter-office memo.

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