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Interview: Richie Spice Releases New Acoustic Album

Richie Spice 2012
[caption id="attachment_8124" align="alignright" width="300"] Richie Spice promotes his October 23 release, Soothing Sounds: Acoustic.[/caption] Though phone and miles away, a revealing picture of Richie Spice, the down-to-earth reggae artist from St. Andrew, Jamaica emerged as ...
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Download Prezident Brown’s First Mixtape

Prezident Brown Mixtape Cover
              released 26 September 2012 Mixed by DJ Laddin Edited by Mystical Shine Album Artwork by Kimone Cotterell Towerman Productions
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CD Review: Nazarenes, Meditation

I Grade Records, 2012 The last I heard of Nazarenes was a well-received album on the Heartbeat label back in 2004. I remember being highly impressed with it at the time, although when I listen ...
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CD Review: Brina, Under One Sun

Brina Under One Sun
Tribal Global Records, 2011 On the plus side, Under One Sun features memorable tunes, strong reggae rhythms, and a gorgeous, powerful voice. We also get a full load of passionately sung, deeply felt opinions, observations ...
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CD Review: Alific, Dub in the District

Johnny Dizzle Records, 2011 I don’t mind this kind of stuff, not at all. “Written, recorded, produced and arranged in my home recording studio,” according to the liner notes from Brendan Dane, a.k.a. Alific. Yep, ...
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CD Review: The Black Seeds, Dust and Dirt

Easy Star Records, 2012 Don’t ask me any who-, what- or where-type questions about The Black Seeds; all I can readily find out from the Internet is how to order this new release. But they’re ...
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CD Review: Drunk Souls, Revolution

Drunk Souls, Revolution
It’s been said that the French don’t do rock well, but they sure can do reggae. Revolution is the latest and best proof: a vibrant, intelligent, edgy, musically inventive album by a group called ...
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