Jahworks.org LogoJahworks.org Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Jahworks.org?
  2. Jahworks.org is an online magazine covering Caribbean music, culture and travel, focused both on international and local communities. We are a woman-owned business based in Berkeley, California. We are not a print magazine – currently, we are strictly online. For more information about us, click here.

  3. How do I get my music reviewed on Jahworks.org?
  4. Jahworks.org reviews full-length CDs (sorry to those who are promoting singles). The best way to get your music reviewed is to send 2 copies of the CD to: Jahworks.org, P.O. Box 9207, Berkeley, CA 94709, U.S.A. If you want to send your CD digitally, please contact us first. Also, if you’re interested in music marketing tips, this is a really helpful resource once you sign in.

  5. How can I advertise on Jahworks.org?
  6. Jahworks.org predominantly uses Google ads for advertising and you can specifically get your ads on the Jahworks.org site through them. We also sell buttons and banner ads on occasion. To inquire about these non-networked ads, please contact us and use “Jahworks Advertising” as the subject.

  7. How can I get published?
  8. Jahworks.org is always looking for talented, responsible, and dedicated writers, videographers, and photographers – both amateur and professional. All of our staff are volunteers and get involved because they love the music and the culture. We generally request exclusive material, although at times we can be flexible. If you’re interested in a regular column on Jahworks.org, or just submitting an occasional submission, please send a resume, cover letter, and sample of your work to us.

  9. How can I contribute?

    We always need volunteers to help us move forward. It’s a good way to gain good music business experience. Here are just a few examples of how you can help:

    • Work on internet campaigns to promote the site
    • Graphic design
    • Create podcasts, if you’re familiar with the process
    • Do some B2B research online
    • Solicit review and contest product
    • Promote the site out in the community
    • Create alliances with other like-minded entities
  10. If you’re interested in contributing in any of these ways, please submit a resume with some details about why and what you’d like to do.

  11. What are your ethical guidelines?
  12. Jahworks.org is an independently-owned business, and follows strict journalistic guidelines. We will not accept any kind of compensation for coverage on the site. Our writers are also advised to avoid dual relationships (journalist/publicist, for example) that compromise the journalistic integrity of the site.

  13. Can you help me promote/review my concert?
  14. Since there are only about 10-20 of us, and thousands of events across the globe every day, it’s quite daunting. Generally, if we are interested in covering an event, we will approach you. One idea for you is to connect with a journalist in your geographical area, and work directly with them. If they are already writing a story about your event for another media outlet, you can propose that they also submit it to us (of course adhering to the ethical guidelines above).

  15. Do you manage musicians?
  16. Some individual contributors manage musicians, but this is not a service that Jahworks.org provides as an entity. If you’re interested in obtaining management, it’s best to approach contributors directly. Conversely, if you are a manager, publicist, or booking agent, let us know about you and your work, so that we may refer people to you.

  17. Where’s the old site?
  18. This is a great question! When we switched over from version 2.0 to 3.0, we had to change our entire platform. Therefore, version 2.0 isn’t around anymore to all of our dismay. We are currently working to get version 1.0 up as an archive. We will notify people through our newsletter once we’ve completed this task.

  19. Are you on Facebook?
  20. Yes, Jahworks.org has a growing Facebook page, and we love to get your comments and feedback! The page is here.

  21. How does Jahworks.org survive?
  22. We survive through advertising, and through your kind donations, which you can make through PayPal. We also aim to keep our costs low so that we may continue to exist. If you need to advertise, please consider Jahworks.org as a vital option. Similarly, donating to Jahworks.org offers a lot of gratification by knowing that you’re supporting an independent service to the community.