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Benjy Myaz: Long Story Short

My love for music drives my creativity. Music is not just a job; I have a very deep love for it. I’ve made my sacrifices for the music to be on this level, the money is secondary. I’m about chasing creativity, not the competition.” –Benjy Myaz As a jazz instrumentalist and bassist, Benjy Myaz has […]

Bob Marley at 61

“The spirit of community, is the greatest feeling of humanity” –Bob Marley Bob Marley’s story is one of the 20th century’s most powerful and compelling human dramas. A profound songwriter and a prolific musician, Marley died at age 36 from melanoma cancer. His meteoric rise to international cultural importance and musical significance made him one […]

Damian Marley: The Youngest Veteran

Roving Reporter: Jamaican Independence in Cuba

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