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CD Review: NYC Reggae Collective, alieNation

NYC Reggae Collective [Benchwarrant Records, 2004] I hope you can afford the commitment ...
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Can We Get a Dose of Morality Please?

It seems as if big brother is watching and listening at the same time. News has traveled fast about the recent derogatory acts by performers ...
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CD Review: Rhythm & Sound

Rhythm & Sound [Asphodel, 2003] Rhythm & Sound is the shared “nom ...
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Pleasant Discovery Found In Music of French Reggae Band, Mr. Gang

As a fan of Caribbean music, how often have you felt like a hostage in a club or friend's party, soldiering through hours ...
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Beres, Marcia, Maxi and Buju in St. Elizabeth

From the minute you entered the Alpart Sports Complex in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, you could already see how organised promoters of the House To ...
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Are Jamaican Artists Pricing Themselves Out of the American Market?

By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston & Clinton Lindsay One of the perks of hitting the big times in the entertainment arena, is the ...
Concerts, Music, Reggae, Reviews

Rocky Dawuni and Stevie Wonder in L.A.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Stevie Wonder & Rocky Dawuni; photo by Cary Sullivan"][/caption] The weekly AfroFunké Thursdays at Zanzibar, founded by African Afro-Roots ...
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