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Wisconsin Snow In Contrast to the Jamaica Sun

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Nov 23
My area of the world, Wisconsin,  received seven inches of snow the weekend of November 13-14. We went from an Indian summer with temperatures in the 60s to the low 30s overnight Friday. As ...
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Blue Mountain Project – Job Opportunity

If you are searching for a worthwhile and challenging  job, consider joining the Blue Mountain Project as our next Program Manager. The Program Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Blue Mountain Project ...
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Sunday Afternoon in the Gap

Sitting on the porch of my host family’s home one Sunday afternoon during my recent trip to Hagley Gap, I glanced up from my computer. I was distracted from my work by a group ...
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Destination: St. Lucia

  In March 2001 I stopped briefly in St. Lucia to spend a few days relaxing ...
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M. Cook’s volunteer expedition into the Blue Mountains

April 7, 1998 As I descend from the plane to the tarmac below, the sweltering heat stifles my every move. I pass through customs, exchange ...
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On the Streets of Bahia, Brazil: Olodum

This afro-Brazilian drum-dominated group is officially known as Grupo Cultural Olodum. As with some other groups ...
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