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Juici Patties Hagley Park Road Begins Lunch Delivery

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Mar 27
Juici Patties Storefront
[caption id="attachment_7787" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Juici Patties is a beloved Jamaican institution"][/caption] Jamaica often emulates U.S. culture to a certain extent, for better or for worse. Now Juici Patties has  joined the lunch delivery market, a ...
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CD Review: Earl Zero, Marketplace

Foreign Key Records, 2011 Earl Zero has been around the roots reggae scene a long time. That’s perhaps because he has the perfect voice for it: essentially soft and supple, therefore capable of the subtleties ...

Brown Boy Blues

(excerpted from the chapter in Authentic Blackness/”Real” Blackness: Essays on the Meaning of Blackness in Culture and Literature, ed. Martin Japtok & Jerry Rafiki (Peter Lang, 2011).) “No one screams about Babylon more than a ...

Volunteer with us in Hagley Gap, Jamaica

I am in Hagley Gap for another visit to our Blue Mountain Project programs. Besides the fact that it is nice to see a little warm sun in the midst of winter, it is ...

Merry Christmas from Blue Mountain Project

12 December 2011 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2011 is drawing to a close and we are busy planning our 2012 activities. As always we have lots of dreams, lots of ideas, lots of hopes. In ...
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CD Review: Alborosie, 2 Times Revolution

[VP Records, 2011] I was lucky enough to catch this guy live last year when he was out touring in support of his previous release Escape From Babylon to the Kingdom of Zion. The club ...
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Please Help Us Help Hagley Gap

The Blue Mountain Project has achieved so much over the past year. Our water program started from nothing but the desire and demand from the Hagley Gap community for clean safe, fresh water. Now ...
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