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CD Review: Rusty Zinn, Manifestation

Rusty, Manifestation [Nine Above Records, 2011] There’s nothing particularly rusty about this guy. He’s got a better-than-average singing voice (he’s even his own harmony section), he knows his way around the guitar (lead, pick and ...
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The Raggamuffins Festival Soars – Long Beach, CA 2004

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Mar 23
The festival founded twenty-three years ago to commemorate the life and musical influence of Bob Marley continues in a strong fashion, to fill the void that Bob Marley left when he transcended. This year's ...
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Reasoning with TOK

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Feb 15
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Alex, Flexx, Bay-C and Craigy-T in New York 2003, photo by J. Lingo"][/caption] TOK, an acronym for Touch Of Klass, is ...
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Queen Mary Hosts “The World of Reggae” Reception

The Queen Mary was considered the grandest ocean liner ever built. From her maiden voyage in 1936 to her final voyage to Long Beach Harbor ...
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Reasoning with Yami Bolo

INTRODUCTION BY GREGORY STEPHENS I have always felt a special affection for ...
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