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CD Review: Midnite, Kings Bell

Midnite King's Bell
IGrade Records, 2011 Unforgiving no-nonsense one-drop momentum densely textured brittle tattered breathless mannered chant seemingly featureless landscape of complex literate sound occasional snatches of melodic instrumental surprise challenging us at every turn themes from contemporary Kafka by ...
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Slideshow: Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2011

The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Boonville, California June 17-19, 2011 Photos by: Lee Abel, (Photos appear alphabetically - click the upper left hand corner for captions) [gallery link="file" columns="1"]
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Bambu Station at Ashkenaz

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Apr 21
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Jalani Horton of Bambu Station; photo by Adebo Thomas"][/caption] Some reggae pundits regard St. Croix band Bambu Station the next Midnite. ...
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The Raggamuffins Festival Soars – Long Beach, CA 2004

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Mar 23
The festival founded twenty-three years ago to commemorate the life and musical influence of Bob Marley continues in a strong fashion, to fill the void that Bob Marley left when he transcended. This year's ...
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CD Reviews: Editor’s Picks of 2003

There's no doubt about it--this has been the year of Sizzla--the man is on fire! He has always been prolific, ...
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Spotlight on Midnite – A Star Rising

We live in a world that accepts American hip-hop as authentic but American reggae as flaccid. ...
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