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Roving Reporter: Jamaican Independence in Cuba

A REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: The touring party of 18 headed by Jam Roc Records & Entertainment CEO, ...
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Destination: St. Lucia

  In March 2001 I stopped briefly in St. Lucia to spend a few days relaxing ...
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Visit to Bob Marley’s Resting Place – Nine Miles

by | 2 Comments
Feb 1
Bob Marley lives in the middle of nowhere, upward along narrow winding streets curled around lush, tropical trees and steep, uncultivated mountains. Houses are built into the slopes, with rustic paths marking the entranceways, well ...
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M. Cook’s volunteer expedition into the Blue Mountains

April 7, 1998 As I descend from the plane to the tarmac below, the sweltering heat stifles my every move. I pass through customs, exchange ...
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On the Streets of Bahia, Brazil: Olodum

This afro-Brazilian drum-dominated group is officially known as Grupo Cultural Olodum. As with some other groups ...
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Remove the U.S. Trade Embargo on Cuba

Note: In a near-unanimous voice the United Nations (UN) General Assembly called on the United States on Tuesday, ...

Welcome to Gambia, West Africa

Despite its little size on the map, Gambia is a country full of big things. With English as ...
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