I am in Hagley Gap for another visit to our Blue Mountain Project programs. Besides the fact that it is nice to see a little warm sun in the midst of winter, it is also nice to have a welcome respite from the seemingly eternal US election campaigns. I realize that Jamaica is a tiny country when compared to the USA but they managed to elect a new leader and parliament and select a new cabinet in less than thirty days. We take two years to do the same thing.

Jamaica has a new party in power led by a female Prime Minister. There is an aura of hope here that positive changes are coming.

In other news, we are gearing up for our Service Learning Volunteer season. Several individual volunteers will work in Hagley Gap through the middle of February. Most will fill in for Carol Sand, Peace Corps Volunteer, while she is away on vacation and at Peace Corps conferences. Carol works at Minto Primary School helping children with reading. We do have small medical group scheduled to arrive in the middle of February. Large university groups will start coming down at the end of February.

There is always room for more.

If you would like to join us as we make a difference in Hagley Gap please contact me at ed@bluemountainproject.org or check out http://www.bluemountainproject.org