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Our Music Belongs in the Forefront!

Wonderful things have been happening for reggae/dancehall and now many are sitting up and finally taking notice. But that is nothing ...
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GT Taylor Extravaganza

In the midst of the battering rain over various parts of the island, the GT Taylor Extravaganza kicked ...
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Baby Cham in Boston

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="111" caption="Baby Cham; photo by Andrea Rapp"][/caption] This was the most talked about show in Beantown. Everyone was waiting in anticipation ...
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Are Jamaican Artists Pricing Themselves Out of the American Market?

By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston & Clinton Lindsay One of the perks of hitting the big times in the entertainment arena, is the ...
Concerts, Dancehall, Music, Reggae, Reviews

Beres, Marcia, Maxi and Buju in St. Elizabeth

From the minute you entered the Alpart Sports Complex in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, you could already see how organised promoters of the House To ...
Concerts, Dancehall, Music, Reggae, Reviews

Concert Review: Pepsi TeenSplash

Shocking Vibes recording artistes Beenie Man and Tanto Metro and Devonte, as well as the duo of Captain Barkey and Wickerman, stole the spotlight ...
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