Journey to JahDirectors Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer have spent over six years on their “Journey to Jah” documentary which follows the journey of two reggae singers –   German-born Gentleman and Italian-born Alborosie – on their search for faith and spirituality in Jamaica. The two foreign-born reggae artists found visions of a better world in the faith and rites of an originally black culture: in Rastafari and its counterpart, reggae music.

The two directors are intent on realizing their mission of showing the world how the positive power of Reggae and Rasta changes lives. They’ve already invested plenty of time, passion, money, and hard work, but they need more funding to finish the film. They recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed.

Please watch the trailer below, and if you feel moved, visit, to become a part of the project. Your funds will help them rent equipment, design and mix the film, add English subtitles, pay for translation, and go towards a multi-city theatrical release in Europe and the United States (plus there are many incentives to contribute as well, including getting a copy of the final DVD, Gentleman and Alborosie autographs, and more!)