photo by Andrea Rapp

Baby Cham; photo by Andrea Rapp

This was the most talked about show in Beantown. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for Chico and Baby Cham to return to Boston. After many negotiations with the promoters and the manager and different flight arrangements, the show was finally here. Due to all the different changes to accommodate artists and their crew and traffic, Baby Cham reached town late. The show got off to a late start and people were still there to witness the big talk in town. After much juggling by Black Reign, Cisco Wonder, and Prima Int’l sounds, the patrons were waiting for showtime. The promoters did their best to get everything done on time, but the artists were in no hurry to get to the venue. They finally got there an hour before closing. This did not go over well with the promoters, since they were paid and were told to get ready at a certain time.

Nevertheless, Chico got on stage and gave a nice performance to the delight of the ladies. He was given a warm ovation for his short entertaining. The crowd was still waiting on Baby Cham to enter the stage. After his introduction, the ladies started storming up closer to the stage to get a good glimpse. He wasted no time and got right down to business. He gave them a barrage of his top hits and electrified the crowd with some fancy foot works. Though his performance wasn’t long enough, the ladies enjoyed his brief stage showcase. The promoters were a little disappointed with the outcome. Time was a major factor in all of this. Big up to Bassline Entertainment.