Baddis Ting Riddim cd coverIn 1998 when the Baddis Ting riddim hit the scene it really took dancehall by a storm with some hot tracks including ‘Number One’ by Beenie Man, ‘Jacket’ by Mr. Vegas and ‘Bag A Ting’ by General Degree. This riddim was the creation of Richard ‘Shams’ Browne who was then the in house engineer at Main Street Records.

Shams has released the riddim a second time around, this time on the B-Rich label and the only thing we can say is, “it’s hot, hot, hot.”

Baddis Ting carries nineteen songs and is really something you would want in your collection. If you have forgotten how it made you feel seven years ago, then don’t be afraid to take the trek down memory lane ­ it’s worth the journey.

The riddim features artistes like Ce’Cile with ‘Woman Ting’. Many already know this one with the tremendous airplay it has been getting. After listening to it you can’t help but be amused as Ce’Cile campaigns for the fairer sex.

Ce’Cile has been known to staunchly defend women on any issue and incite the ire of men. Just think about ‘Do It to Me Baby’ and the first song she launched on the scene with ‘Changez’ it would seem that she has started out the way she meant to go on ­ entertaining and of course a bit too biting for the males.

Incidentally Ce’Cile’s video for the song ‘Woman Ting’ will be hitting the airwaves soon on Jamaican television stations.

Macka Diamond tells it like it is in ‘Nuh Fren Mate’ and after listening to her you won’t look at your matey in the same light ever again. No one does it like Macka Diamond, and when she chants, females have to pay attention! “Nuh meck nuh gal teck yuh man and chat inna yuh face…teck mi man, back out mi mace and spray it inna yuh blasted face!”

Mr. Vegas and Lexxus come with the catchy ‘Taxi Fare’ on this riddim. The video for the song has already been released with a lot of positive feedback.

Other songs on the riddim are ‘Bad Out Deh’ and ‘Wifey’ by Alozade; ‘Under Deh’, Kiprich; ‘Viagra’, Harry Toddler; ‘Like You,’ Elephant Man; ‘Shotta’ and Hotta’ by TOK; ‘Walk Out’, Lady Saw; and ‘Ready fi Kill’ ­ Bounty Killer. Other artistes featured on the riddim are Lady G, Black-er, M’Lonie, Mr. G, Red Rat and Monster Twins.

You will have your chance to get a hold of the 7” vinyl on the Baddis Ting riddim which is out in stores in Jamaica under the distribution banner of IN DI STREETZ.

The Baddis Ting rhythm will be released in the US on VP Records on January 10, 2006 as part of their Riddim Driven series.

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