Lady Saw Strip TeaseLady Saw
[VP Records]

The queen of lewd and sexually explicit lyrics retains the title with her new CD Strip Tease.

In 1994, the infamous lady of hardcore decided to change her tune and tone down her slackness, because of the barrage of fire she endured.

Lady Saw, who is notorious for some of dancehall’s most sexually explicit lyrics, was getting a lot of flack from the music fraternity. Sane Band was the first to take a stand against the controversial Lady Saw, when they refused to back her at Reggae Sumfest 1994, stating that the concept of the group is ‘Stand Against Negative Expressions’, and Lady Saw is undoubtedly the queen of negative expressions with a reputation of consistently portraying vulgarity and slackness.

After her performance at Reggae Sumfest that year, she got even harsher reactions from the bigger heads in Montego Bay, who threatened to ban her from performing in that city. In response to this “fight gainst” action, Lady Saw released the single ‘What Is Slackness’ in which she gave her definition of slackness and pointed out the hypocrisy of those criticizing her.

However, that was not the end. The awards selection committee of that year, Jamaica Music Awards (JAMA), took it a step further and re-enforced the move against the lewd lady. They totally ignored Lady Saw and any award credentials she might have earned in 1994. She was not nominated for any awards in that year’s ceremony, because she violated a recently established criterion by the committee. According to the general citing, section (8), “Any artiste who consistently projects any image of lewdness, vulgarity and violence through their music shall not be eligible for nomination.”

However, as is typical of the female DJ, she ‘couldn’t care less’. As far as she was concerned, they “can keep dem award and give mi di reward.” In addition, to put it directly, Lady Saw told them that “dem a fi bun mi out fi get mi out.”

The defiance continues in her new CD ‘Strip Tease.’ This album is chockfull of lewd and sexually explicit lyrics created to retain the crown of the hardcore dancehall’s queen of slackness. The album demonstrates that no other female DJ is capable of competing in the arena of hardcore music.

Richie Feelings of Stone Love fame introduces the album. Featured on the album are ‘I’ve Got Your Man’, ‘Man Is The Least’, ‘Do Me Better’, ‘Move Your Body’ (featuring Voice Mail), ‘Strip Tease’, ‘Coming Over’, ‘Cocky Liquor’ (skit), ‘Loser’ featuring Cécile, ‘Lock It Up’, ‘Just Being Me’, ‘Best Pum Pum’, ‘Been So Long’, ‘Dreaming Of You’, ‘Thug Loving’, ‘Good Love’ (featuring Sizzla), ‘Messed Up’, ‘My Dreamz’ and ‘Dedicated To Mama’.

The last track, ‘Dedicated To Mama,’ hit me right out of the ballpark. After all the lewdness and slackness, this is the best song on the album which shows the versatility of the artiste as a songwriter, DJ, and singer.

Some of the producers who worked on this project include Dave Kelly, King Jammys Family, Sly Dunbar, Richard ‘Richie D’ Martin, Troyton Rami (the man responsible for Sean Paul’s ‘Gimmi Di Light’), Donovan Bennett, Christopher Birch and Delano Thomas of Renaissance fame.

Only Lady Saw could have chosen to put out a CD loaded with groan and sexually explicit lyrics. She is indeed quite brave and defiant to put out a CD like this. No other hardcore DJ can take this crown from here.

This album, distributed by VP Records, seems to know the market. On a recent spot on the Howard Stern show, Lady Saw handled Howard’s questions effortlessly and with ease. Her fans and dancehall hardcore massive will welcome this CD.