DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid Vs Twilight Circus Dub Sound System
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Experimental is the best word that comes to mind as the bell signals Round 1 to this sound clash. We have two different types of sound boys on this collaborative effort–NY-based DJ Spooky creates his own meaning of riddim through productions that ‘trip’ and kick away the ‘hip’ in hip-hop with head-nodding beats on “Other Planes of Dub,” while Twilight Circus’ Ryan Moore, based in the Netherlands, dubs your life-organs with bass leaving tissues popping out from the skin on “Dust Storm on NGC 7023.”

Get ready for this intergalactic warfare, a kaleidoscope of layers and colorful patterns hitting the air, fusing very little obvious chunks of reggae or dancehall sensibilities. Maybe 1000 years from now, they’ll be talking about this LP, just listen carefully to this futuristic reggae-dancehall funk. As imaginary break-dancers, emcees, deejays and speaker box helpers lose gravity, they forget about their brief stint in Mars. The previous tracks are only a memory now. Behold, their ship is on cruise control pointing towards the rich island of Jamaica for their next stop.

Laced with mostly instrumental tracks, the album’s real session gets underway with the head-on collision of “Riddim Clash–Heavyweight Style.” And keeping it more traditional inna ‘One Drop’ stylee, Twighlight Circus lands a left hook almost close to knocking out DJ Spooky with “Phase Anansi,” a groovy 1970’s Rockers tune with cow bells reminding you of the country, as the rich manure flavor and scent of some good cultivating herb seems nearby. As the organ wines its way through, even DJ Spooky on the next track “Gamma Dub” creeps up a jab, totally sending the clash back to reality – ah yes, mother earth. And the winner is…your imagination.