diaRising roots artist Diavallan Fearon a.k.a. Dia is no newcomer to the music business. He has grown through many stages of the business. Dia started out playing the keyboards in a number of backing bands, namely his father’s Food Clothe & Shelter, in addition to Kaushan, M.O.B, One Two Crew, Firehouse & Gang Lords. He also has his own record label, Builders Music through which he has produced a large catalogue of music for himself and other artists.

Dia has now matured as a singer and has completed his debut album entitled “The Warrior,” which features songs such as “Be Thankful That You Can Smile,” “Be Careful,” “Mother Earth” and “Jah Is The Answer,” a combination with Louie Culture. The album will be released worldwide in September by the US-based, Cambridge Visions, the company that he is signed to.

dia with guitar“The music business in Jamaica is not about music but a system where producers and even artists fight against each while the music suffers,” says Dia. However he sees music as the vehicle through which knowledge can be transmitted-promoting all the positivity that life has to offer and vow to do his part.

“We are all new to this life and need guidance and protection from our Creator. It is our duty to realize who we are and what our existence is for. It is also our duty to re-educate ourselves for our own stability, security and realize that we have faced many bad times as a people, which includes being taken away from our homes in Africa and indoctrinated by western philosophy,” explains Dia. He also believes in unity, repatriation and has a vision to see a United States of Africa, which he hopes will be achieved through the music.

dia and sizzlaEarlier this year Dia toured France for one month opening for Yami Bolo, Dillinger and The Heptones. This tour was followed by another one-month tour in the US with the Abyssinians. In October he will leave for yet another tour-the US college circuit along reggae superstar Maxi Priest.