George Nooks Giving Thanks CoverGeorge Nooks

[VP Records]

George Nooks’ long-awaited first gospel CD, ‘Giving Thanks,” is finally here. And the only thing I can say is ‘let’s have church!”

Listening to the tracks on this appropriately named CD, “Giving Thanks,” you can’t help getting caught up in the moment as you listen to George Nooks deliver the inspirational tracks in his own unique, sweet voice.

He does justice to the gospel covers as he puts his own spin on them, laced with the sweet reggae beat and enhanced by the skillful mixing of Fatta Marshall and Shane Brown. It gives it a nice touch.

The album, which is executively produced by Chris Chin, Edwin Howell and Norman Bryan, is worth the wait as it is chockful of sweet gospel favourites.

An instant favourite on the album already for me is “One God,” recorded in tandem with co-writer Richie Stephens.

A part of the track goes, “Don’t you sit and criticize me, cause you got nothing over me, verbally you brutalise me, but still got nothing over me, don’t tell me that you holy, got nothing over me, no matter who you pray to, be humble, a man is just a man…”

It is a joy to listen to two wonderful singers team up to sing God’s praises. When it comes right down to it, “a one man alone a run bout yah…one God, one King, one Saviour.” This track really does it for me.

“Giving Thanks” sees George Nooks caving to the overwhelming desire of his many fans who told him that they would love him to do a gospel CD. It is also his way of giving thanks to the Almighty for His many blessings.

“Giving Thanks” is a mixture of some of Nook’s previous winners such as “God Is Standing By,” “Always There For Me” and “No Power,” along with covers of some of the most inspirational gospel songs.

“Can You Reach My Friend,” “Lead Me,” “My Redeemer Lives,” “Live For Jesus” and “Lord I Lift Your Name On High” are some of the other tracks on this beautifully produced CD.

For those who have not added this CD to your collection, correct that oversight now as this is the balm to any troubled soul. It’s a fresh anointing for the depressed and one that will sit comfortably in any gospel music collection.