Capital D“Calienté! Calienté!” (“Hot! Hot!”) is the trademark intro of Capital D, the Spanish singjay who is set to blaze a trail in reggae dancehall.

Born and christened Miguel Arce Jr. to Puerto Rican parents, the Capricorn was born in Manhattan, New York.

In 1992, Capital D got his big break on a stage show when he opened for Capleton, John Holt, U-Roy and Early B at an event in Hartford, Connecticut. The response he received was very encouraging and positive so he decided to take his career more seriously and went into the studios.

Since then he has recorded several singles, some of which include “Shine Your Light,” “Thanks And Praises,” “Good Conquer Evil,” “Straight From The Ghetto,” and “Bad Minded.” The singjay, whose lyrics are very conscious and uplifting, wants to become an icon in the music business so it is his intention to record classical reggae music that can be played for years to come.

His favourite reggae dancehall artistes are Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji and Sanchez.

At present, Capital D is working on an album due for release sometime this year. He will be working with producers such as Rough-Cut Sounds from Connecticut and negotiations are also underway to record with Dean Frazer, Bulby and Richard (Richie D) Martin from Miami. His management team is KM Music Giant who is also based in Connecticut.

Some of the singjay’s singles are enjoying heavy rotation on the airwaves and selected for play on almost every sound system in the Connecticut area.

Capital D has been appearing on several shows across the US. He made an appearance alongside Stone Love and Fresh International in Hartford, CT. On March 14, he opened for Buju Banton when the Friends For Life tour hit Hartford, Connecticut. He is preparing for the big Sting show in Connecticut on May 24.

He is expected to be in Jamaica for a couple months over the summer, during which he will be visiting several studios and reggae dancehall events.

Capital D’s message to the youths is, “Try and listen to as much positive music as possible and apply the songs to your every day living.”

So when next you hear “calienté! calienté!” on the radio or in the dancehalls, you will know that it is Capital D, the Puerto Rican singjay, coming your way.