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Let’s say you’re a huge fan of Pink Floyd’s mega-seller Dark Side of the Moon, and you have a little money to spend. You have a choice. You could buy the Special 30th Anniversary SACD/CD Edition of that very album, with 5.1 Surround Sound, new art and 20 page booklet; or you could buy “Dub Side of the Moon”, by a group you never heard of before.

What would you gain with choice #1? First, from your Significant Other, a frown and a question that in its spoken form is “Do you seriously need another copy of that?” and unspoken form is, “Are you really that much of a geek?” Second, the same old music. That’s it; that’s all you get.

Now, what would you gain with choice #2? First, from your SO, a curious but non-committal glance that says, “Okay, at least it’s different.” Second, distinctive music, although familiar tunes, lyrics, and song structures. Third, a renewed interest in an old favorite based on the successful execution of a brilliant idea, namely a creative reggae re-interpretation by talented musicians. Fourth, four bonus dub tracks. That’s it, that’s what you get.