The Blue Mountain Project has achieved so much over the past year. Our water program started from nothing but the desire and demand from the Hagley Gap community for clean safe, fresh water. Now we know what we need in terms of clean water and how to get it. We just lack the money. Our health clinics are working 4 days a week instead of 2. We are restarting the After School Program in Hagley Gap. The After School Program in Penlyne Castle is going gangbusters. Our clinic in Penlyne Castle now has a working bathroom and a covered outside waiting room. The Women’s Group has a much better idea of their market. Fun Camp is occurring as I write helping a 100 or so kids prepare for the upcoming school year. This year we added math sessions and have a Hagley Gap teacher, Tessa, as our Fun Camp Leader.

We are lucky that we have a large number of skilled and willing volunteers but we do have to buy materials and we do have to move people and materials from place to place. Rising gas prices mean transportation is higher, food is higher, construction supplies are higher. Therefore, every time we try to do something, it costs us more.

I hope that you see the value in what we are doing in Hagley Gap and Penlyne Castle; that you appreciate our frugality and our community involvement; and that you like how we work. If you do, please support us. Write a check to Blue Mountain Project, 920 Adams Street, Hammond WI 54015.