I am visiting Hagley Gap in June and July. We have two large Service Learning Volunteer groups (LearnServe and St. Andrew’s Church) at that time and I will help with their trips. Among other things, we plan to paint some kindergarten classrooms, build a kitchen for an elderly woman, and work on the roof of the clinic.

I always look forward to my trips to the Gap as a time of renewal. I get to touch base with the people of the Gap and our staff. I will learn what is new in the Gap and what BMP can do help. I will discover a little more about Jamaican life and culture.  And this trip I will be able to work with Service Learning Volunteers and see BMP in action from their point of view.

During this trip I will say goodbye to Gwion Parri who has served as our Water Ambassador over the past year. He got the water program off the ground and has brought us to the point where he can start digging once we get the money.

Recently I also said goodbye to Austin Kennedy who served as our Assistant Program Manager Ambassador and who helped us greatly through the difficult time when we were searching for a new Program Manager. Thank you both for all your hard work, your energy, your ideas, and your enthusiasm.

If you would like to join a team that is so energetically making a difference please check out www.bluemountainproject.org or contact me at ed@bluemountainproject.org