Zadie Neufville

Zadie Neufville

I am pleased to announce that The Blue Mountain Project ‘s long search for a new Program Manager is over. Zadie Neufville will join the Blue Mountain Project in January 2011. She brings a vast experience in the media and a strong interest in development issues. You can read all about her on the “our team” page. And those who make the trek to Hagley Gap will be able to meet her in person.

It is always exciting when someone new comes on board, especially in as important position as Zadie’s. The increased energy level, the fresh ideas, and the synergies in the new team will bring about improvements in our programs and Service Learning activities.

Not to put too much pressure on Zadie (a little pressure is a good thing as any writer facing a deadline will tell you) but I have a good feeling about this change. It comes in a series of changes for BMP that started last year and will continue as we bring our programs to fruition, increase our donor and volunteer base, and bring more and more Jamaicans into the BMP structure.

I am sure that all of you will join in as I say – Welcome to Blue Mountain Project, Zadie.

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