Real Life RiddimVarious Artists

[Brit Jam Yellow Moon Jamaica]
By Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

From the Rhythm Streetz Series comes the Real Life rhythm compilation and trust me, it’s really something to hear. What else could you expect anyway with such conscious crusaders as Richie Spice, Spanner Banner, Chuck Fenda, President Brown, Anthony B, Chrisinti and others?

The compilation CD kicks off with ‘This Train’, another social commentary from Richie Spice as he chants it like no one can,“You got to clean up dirty act to catch this train…”

Anthony Cruz picks up with ‘Hold Me’, a wonderfully delivered love song whose poignant lyrics are enthralling.

There are ‘Great Things’ from Spanner Banner on the compilation CD. If ever there is a song that can inspire you not to give up it is this one – “No matter what the weather it can come together, clouds can roll away…” I must confess that this is one of my favourite tracks on the CD as the lyrics grab me and lull me away like a comforting wisp. If you are troubled in mind, or maybe wondering if your break will ever come, then listen to this one from Spanner Banner.

Following a track like that, Chuck Fenda fits right in with ‘Living Fire’. The message of not giving up is carried on by the poor people’s defender. But as long as you “…carry the Most High with you,” then things will be okay.

President Brown gets back to the old landmark with ‘Re-capture the Culture’. For those who have forgotten their roots, Prezident Brown reminds them in no uncertain terms that they should re-capture it.

Chappa John makes a great appeal to stop the violence in ‘Gun Power’. “Lock it off right now… nuh pop it off oh no, too much blood a run, beg yuh put it down…” Check it out.

Other tracks on the CD are ‘All I’ve Got’ ­ Perfect; ‘Inna Di Ghetto’ ­ Hero; ‘Herb Heart’ ­ Chrisinti; ‘Burn Them’ ­ Anthony B; ‘Can’t Walk In Peace’ ­ Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal; ‘Feel Like Crying’ ­ Mikey Lee & Dr. Tex; ‘Darkness’ ­ Mackie Conscious; ‘Some People ­ Meekie Melody; ‘System Unfair’ ­ Cashew Man and ‘Come Baby’ ­ Everton Blender.

Produced by C Reid and K Irons for Brit Jam & Yellow Moon Production, the Real Life rhythm compilation is worth the effort and time to listen.

The CD is distributed by In the Streetz Records.