Not to brag or boast but how many times you have watched films where people are trying to talk Jamaican? And yes the DJs don’t make life any easier with some of their songs. You all know that sometimes you can’t understand a thing they say–you are just jamming to the beat.

Well Talk Jamaican is going to correct all that now, just keep checking back to this hot website and your ‘patois vocabulary’ will vastly improve.

o If you say something to someone they look up and say ‘Mi a come’ then that simply means they will be with you shortly.

o This tough man – Oh boy, this one is not easy to understand but it actually means that person is paying you a huge compliment. Whatever it is, it’s great, good, wonderful! The other day I went to a restaurant and the rice was really nice and we told the lady that ‘the food tough‘. She had a crestfallen expression on her face as she commented, “Yuh know sey a unno a di first fi complain from mawning! We had to tell her that the food was great. It tough – you guys that check out this website are tough, have good taste man.

o yuh nuh ready fi di video light – well if someone tells you this, then they are saying you don’t have any upfront appearance. The biggest thing in the dancehall is the video taping and if you are not worthy for the camera to be focused on you then ‘yuh nuh ready fi di video light.”

o Dun di place – Don’t panic, it someone tells you that ‘yuh dun di place’ then believe it or not you are receiving another compliment. When an artiste performs and people are impressed with him then they say him dun di place – he was a big time hit!

Too much a one ting nuh good fi nutten, so hear what–check back for more lessons.