Missed the lessons? Don’t worry there’s still ways to go. Take out your notebooks and let’s get cracking!

“A whey di rhatid yuh a sey!” – I’m sure a lot of you guys don’t have a clue what this one means. You will encounter this expression when you have just delivered shocking news to a Jamaican. As a means of expressing shock and disbelief they will burst out passionately, “A whey di rhatid yuh a sey!”

Chakka Chakka ­ A lot of people know Elephant Man’s song that has them doing the dance moves. But to us Jamaicans, it’s more than just a dance ­ it’s our way of saying that things are not in order. If the house is untidy, clothes flung all over the place, then it’s dubbed to be chakka chakka. This term is also used to describe a person’s manner of dressing if that person is not well put together and their clothes looks crushed and mismatched.

Bowcat ­ You might have heard a lot of the DJ songs describing someone as being ‘a bowcat’. Basically they are talking about oral sex. Other terms used to describe this activity are ‘clean rifle’ (meaning when a woman goes down on a man) and ‘eat unda di table’ (meaning when a man goes down on a woman).

Pick di cherry ­ Okay since I am on the topic of sex I might as well deal with this one too. If you hear a man saying that he ‘pick di cherry’ he is certainly not talking about a fruit. He is proud of the fact that he took a girl’s virginity.