It’s class time again…get your book and pencils and start taking notes!

Yuh a one real fassy – Oh boy, if some says this to you then you must have done something bad to them. This expression is normally used when someone has betrayed us, or done something that a friend never expected them to do. In disappointment and disgust this will be flung at them.

Skettel – I think you guys must be familiar with this one, but if not, then this is used to describe a woman who doesn’t have any class.

Mantel – This is the opposite of skettel and refers to men who are classless and not only that: men who have allowed women to prey on them can be referred to in this way as well.

Boops – Men who are weak to women when it comes to money. Men who women can feed any ‘sob story’ and get money from them, or men who remain being a woman’s sugar daddy, without getting any sexual favours in return are referred to as boops. Remember Supercat’s hit ‘Si boops deh, gwaan go nyam him out!’ Nuff said on that.

Him a real john crow – Sorry it does seem as if we are bashing men, but hush, men who are doggish in their behaviour are often referred to in this way.

Pon Di cawna – If you happen to call a friend in Jamaica and ask them their whereabouts then chances you will hear, ‘pon di cawna’ – simply put they are hanging out with friends at a designated spot.

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