Okay, it’s back to the classroom and I hope you are studying your words, cause if I meet you, I want to make sure we can chat real good.

Wi have it lock – Don’t go thinking we have locked up something or other. Actually this has nothing to do with a lock. What the expression really means is “we have everyting under control’.

Yuh nice man – Actually this could easily fool you that we are paying you a compliment to the extent that you are a nice person. No, if someone says that to you in Jamaica they are basically saying “You are okay.”

A me run tings – When someone in Jamaica wants you to know that they are the Alpha dog and they’re in control, either in business or at the house, then you will hear a very cocky, “a me run tings.”

Mi nah wild yuh – If someone ever says this to you then look out. But you will only hear this expression if you have done someone bad and he wants to get back at you, then he’ll say ‘Mi nah wild yuh. ‘ It means he is willing to bide his time until he gets the opportunity to repay you in kind.

Everyting criss – if you greet someone in Jamaica and ask them how things are going, then you will problem hear “everyting criss” and that’s the same way as saying that everything is okay. Nothing to worry about.